bridge rules

Bridge Rules – Things That You Should Keep in Mind When Playing Bridge

When playing bridge, you need to follow a few basic rules so that your game is played smoothly and your opponent doesn’t get frustrated. The basic rules are:

o Play slowly. You don’t have time to get into big fights and arguments about who gets to move first or what card goes next. You are in the middle of a game for fun and not to settle scores.

o Be polite. This is the one rule that has been around forever but it is still so important to remember today. If you are talking dirty or acting out in frustration or anger, your partner will certainly take notice. You have nothing to prove to your partner with these rude comments and you don’t want them to take offense to them either.

o Break up the tension! There will be times when your partner becomes more than a little frustrated at your poor playing. He or she may make an effort to get you to quit by pointing out your bad habits, your poor decision making, or even pointing out how many times you have been defeated. If this happens and you refuse, don’t be afraid to tell your partner.

o Never interrupt. You are playing a game, so there is no need to interrupt to tell your partner when you have made a bad call. It will only upset your partner further and he or she may be ready to walk out of the room.

o Always keep the bridge table clean. This means that after you have taken your turn, you should sweep the bridge table, wipe down the board and check that the bridge is in good shape.

o Bridge rules aren’t written in stone. As long as you follow the above mentioned bridge rules, you should have a great time playing bridge. There will be times that your partner gets impatient or frustrated with your mistakes and you will need to keep a cool head, even if it means you miss a few free throws.

Bridge is a game that can really bring a group together and let you relax and enjoy the experience. When you follow the bridge rules, you will know exactly what you are doing and your partner will find it easy to follow.

Once you understand the bridge rules, you can now look at the bridge tables that you are going to purchase for your home and make sure that they have the right spacing for you and your partner. Make sure they are at least three feet apart.

If you can, try to buy the bridge tables at the same store where you buy your pool table, so that you can make sure that everything will match. They should also be at least four feet apart.

The next thing that you want to make sure of is the right amount of space between you and your partner. If you are having a particularly hard time coming up with the right amount of space, you may want to consider having a second person to play with you.

Once you have found the right amount of space for your table, you can then begin to place your set of bridge cards on the table. Start by putting the most important cards at the top of the table and work your way down. This helps prevent the table from looking cluttered.

Finally, once your bridge set is set, you can start setting your chips on the table. Place the bridge table in your kitchen, or somewhere where it will be easy to keep track of what is going on.